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Hello Psykos,

Just updating you all on some well requested changes to Factions. From the threads we've been seeing and results from the "Do you like the Factions death ban?" (76 yes, 231 no) the adjustments are as follows:
  • Deathban has been fully removed
  • Everyone can use /tpa
    • Normal - 8 minute cooldown
    • Crazy - 6 minute cooldown
    • Insane - 4 minute cooldown
    • Maniac - 2 minute cooldown
    • Psycho - no cooldown
  • Fixed issues with /home not working

As per requested by @AllyCantSpell and other players here, we decided to add more cosmetic tags to our store. We think the addition of these are a great idea and plan to continue adding more in the future. What do you all think about making these and future ones to be only offered for a limited time and amount?

New Tags!

Now purchasable at http://shop.psykocraft.com/category/698581

And as per requested by what seems like every person on the server, we've also added the ability for you to pick a custom color out for your tags. These work just like name and message colors, you pick a color and your tag is that color. You may pick a different color or reset it back to default at any time.

New Tag Colors!


As you may know, we have been hard at work since our planned maintenance on February 6th. This downtime was to implement a new backend system that allows us to easily develop and new features on PsykoCraft. Since then, we have been patching bugs and making needed tweaks. This backend update did have some important changes for the players, which are listed below.

  • Poll system that shows on login
    • The additions of polls is huge! It allows us to know what you, the players, want. At the time of posting this there are polls live on: Factions, Creative, and the lobby. Make sure you vote on them as the feedback helps us improve the server.
  • Cosmetic tags, name color, and chat color save cross server
  • Gender is global now, not limited to only Creative
    • Shown on all servers when you hover over a player's name. You can set your gender with /gender.
  • New friend system aka /friends
    • The new system is a much easier to use with its interface. This also introduced a well requested feature...
  • Player Blocking aka /ignore
    • We've heard your requests! You may now use /ignore to hide a player's chat from your screen.
  • Preferences aka /pref
    • These allow you to adjust your experience exactly how you like it. The update added the current settings that can be turned on and off:
      • For friends you can toggle: online alerts, requests, joining, hide server, server change alerts
      • For yourself you can toggle: private messages, hide rank, name in chat notify sound
  • Chat Emojis aka /emoji
    • Available to Crazy and above. This command allows you to send or attatch a character based emoji to your messages. Such as "lenny face", "table flip", "shrug guy", etc.
  • Server Resource Packs aka /rp
    • Change your view on the server by setting a resource pack. We currently have the old CandyCraft pack and a new PsykoCraft pack available.

Some other features, mainly important to staff:
  • In-game announcement system
  • Easily editable tab and login messages
  • Commands can now be censored properly
  • Cooldowns can be added to commands
  • Player count shows on the /games menu
  • Staff can cross server PM anyone

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.: Thanks for tolerating our constant reboots the past few days while we continued to fix things. We'll try to keep this to a minimal as we continue.

We will be performing backend maintenance on the PsykoCraft Minecraft servers today (2/6/2017). Because of this, the servers will be offline from 7:00 PM EST to around 10:00PM EST at the soonest. We are migrating to a new backend system, so it will take some time.

This change is mainly important to the people behind the scenes at PsykoCraft, but you will also see many benefits from the update.

With the new system, so comes the following:
  • /ignore
  • preference toggles (PM toggle/invite toggles/etc)
  • command cooldowns
  • in-game polls
  • global gender system
  • new party system
  • new friend system
  • less lag and bugs
And down the road it will allow for more features, better customization, and better work flow.

PsykoCraft Staff
Hello Psykos,

We are eager for everyone to try out our new gamemode, Battle Off!

We know most of you are eager to play on CandyCraft Prison, but I thought we would release a little well-known minigame while we diligently work on Prison.

On the gamemode, you join an arena and are given a subject to build. Based on the quality, detail, and even humor of your build, players will vote on it. If you have the most total points at the end of the voting, you win!

Easy enough; improve your building skills while having fun with friends.

Huge thanks to @impqtience for allowing us to use the Hotel he build on his Crazy Creative plot! We were able to use it as the spawn and it looks awesome. Make sure to check it out in-game!

Assisted by: @pandaloverem @mokutekii @Karraa @Haunter_93

PsykoCraft Staff

We've just updated Factions with mainly some bug fixes, but some small additions have been added too.

  • Fixed issue with players accidentally choosing races (mainly Salamander)
  • Made it more clear that you can only team with your race
    • [​IMG]
  • Hovering over someones name in chat shows their race properly (this will be active next reboot)

  • Races now fill when they have a 100+ player difference against other factions (previous was 30)

  • Added message when you leave your race's region
    • [​IMG]
  • Added a way to check the status of the current races with /races
    • [​IMG]
  • Fixed Undine not losing regeneration effect out of water (this will be active next reboot)

To my dismay, I am having to make this announcement.

Due to a select handful of players, we need to talk about PsykoCraft's tolerance against players who are toxic. I am referring to players who try to cause trouble however and wherever they can. This includes disrespecting players and staff, causing arguments in chat, flame, etc.

From now on, if staff run into players who are acting like this or intentionally "playing" our rules to get around them, we will have no tolerance. You will receive a very clear warning from a higher up (Admin or Manager) in-game or on the forums stating what we are seeing from you and that it has to stop. We are not going to argue with you; we are only going to provide this as a final warning that you will be permanently banned off PsykoCraft if it continues.

We want PsykoCraft to be a positive and accepting community for all players of all backgrounds and age. These players do not represent what the PsykoCraft community should be.

Hope you understand,
Hello Maniacs,

We've heard your need for some updates! We're starting off with some factions fixes and additions.

Auction House
By using /auctionhouse, or /ah for short, you open a inventory where you may put your items up for sale for others to buy. This is the same feature that we have on Skyblock so most of you should be familiar with it.


This should allow you all to begin trading with each other more easily to obtain items that aren't in the server shop.

Spawner Fixes + Additions
We have fixed the bug where buying spawners from the shop would just give you a pig spawner. All future purchases will now work correctly. Sorry about that!

The updated signs are located below your /spawn in the shop area.

Along with that, spawners may now be mined with a Silk Touch I enchanted pickaxe. Failure to do so will cause the spawner to break and vanish.

Explodable Obsidian
You may have to reinforce you base with this one!

Here are the specifics:
  • All obsidian can be destroyed with 5 direct TNT hits.
  • Obsidian that is under water takes 10 direct hits.
  • Damaged obsidian regenerates once per every 10 minutes.
  • You can check damaged obsidian by right clicking it with a stick.
You can't hang around in your obsidian boxes forever!

Dedicated PvP Warp
A few members were asking for a specific location to fight each other at. Because of this, we've implemented a warp that can be accessed with the "/warp pvp" command.


At the current moment, the warp is just at one of the platform locations in the center of the map. Perhaps we will have to make an actual arena if the fights keep up.

Other Changes
  • /f rename no longer causes a global message

We hope you enjoy!
PsykoCraft Staff
Hey Crazies,

We're looking to feature some of the most creative, unique, and detailed plots to feature up close to spawn on Crazy Creative. This is a great opportunity to get a front-and-center plot for everyone to see your build who gets on the server!

If you would like to enter your plot, please click "Post New Thread" in the Crazy Creative section.

In the thread include:
  • Your plot number (ex: 45;-42)
  • Name or description of your plot
  • Images of your plot
Images can be uploaded and linked from https://imgur.com/ or through "Upload a File" on the forums.

If selected, your plot will be moved to one of the 12 slots up front and we will reply to your thread saying so. We will also announce which players have won after they all are selected.

Good luck!
PsykoCraft Staff